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Where is Lorenzo Lamas Now? | The Million Dollar Question

We all remember him – the long-haired, muscular-build Reno Raines from the cult TV series ‘Renegade’. He was everywhere but ...
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joe manganielo

Underrated Action Stars That Certainly Deserve More Recognition

Have you ever felt underappreciated? Don’t worry, everybody has. Imagine you ask some of the most underrated action stars of ...
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Jet Li

Is Jet Li Dead? | Let’s Find Out

Today a lot of people are asking the question ‘is Jet Li dead’? Where is he? Why did he stop ...
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where is michael dudikoff now

Where is Michael Dudikoff Now? | Let’s Find Out

Dude, where is Michael Dudikoff now? What he’s been up to lately? Does he continue to shoot action films? These ...
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the upcoming movies of scott adkins

The Upcoming Movies of Scott Adkins | You Can’t Miss Them

When it comes to the upcoming movies of Scott Adkins, there is always an excitement in the air. The British ...
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dolph lundgren

Hans Dolph Lundgren – The Swedish Underdog That Still Bites

No matter if you are an action movie fanatic or not, chances are that you are quite familiar with the ...
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