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‘Braven’ With Jason Momoa | Predictable and Clichéd, So What?

Let’s agree on one thing – ‘Braven’ with Jason Momoa is the type of movie that we all have seen ...
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kickboxer retaliation

‘Kickboxer: Retaliation’ Movie Review | David vs. Goliath

Let’s start with a quirky statement. This ‘Kickboxer: Retaliation’ movie review is very similar to the flick itself – you ...
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‘Rampage’ with ‘The Rock’ | Cheesy Meets Cheesier

If you are following the mass media movie buzz or Dwayne Johnson’s Facebook profile then chances are that you already ...
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the best asian action movies of 2017

The Best Asian Action Movies of 2017| The Magnificent Six

Let me set the right expectations right away. I have to tell you from the very beginning that the best ...
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How to watch a good movie? (And avoid watching a bad one)

Recently a friend of mine who loves action movies (that’s surely one of the reasons he is my friend) asked ...
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Mel Gibson will star in 'Dragged Across Concrete'

How Old Is Mel Gibson?| Enough to Still Star In Explosive Action Movies

Following the excessive and ludicrous behavior of the ‘Braveheart’ director in the last couple of years many people have been ...
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‘Skyscraper’ Trailer
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