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Hello dear moviegoer,

Good to see you here!

We all strive to get the best products online, at the best price possible.

Being an avid action fan myself, I always try to enhance my experience with the help of different kinds of cool products, no matter if it is a high-quality DVD box set or some movie headphones.

Sometimes though, it can be a real challenge to find what’s worthwhile, because the market is saturated with…you know what! 

In this section of the website, I’ll do my best to present you the most appealing deals available on the online market, that are price worthy, entirely based on my extensive research.

Here you will find only (action) movies related products that I think are worth buying such as DVD and/or Blu-Ray sets, gadgets such as different kind of players, movie suitable headphones, and different kind of paraphernalia, all related to the 7th art.

I will base my research on products which can either help you enhance your movie experience, either can entertain you.

So my mission is to be helpful and honest – a real Mr. Nice Guy!

Stay tuned and thank you for being here!

Asen, founder of

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