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First off, I have to warn you that after seeing ‘Accident Man’ with Scott Adkins, you will desperately want to re-watch the …

February 16, 2018
joe manganielo

Have you ever felt underappreciated? Don’t worry, everybody has. Imagine you ask some of the most underrated action stars of the present-day …

December 29, 2017
the upcoming movies of scott adkins

When it comes to the upcoming movies of Scott Adkins, there is always an excitement in the air. The British born martial …

September 27, 2017

Boy, to finally have Boyka: Undisputed on Blu-Ray is sensational and definitely deserves an article. We are all familiar with the huge …

September 22, 2017
van damme is old

Van Damme is old but gold and he still shines in “Assassination Games” (2011). Is a life without feelings a real life? …

February 16, 2017
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